DBF Studio is well-recognized development firm specializing in commercial office remodeling, dental office renovations, and extensive medical construction. We are Design-Build Company with an extremely professional construction crew and highly motivated interior design division. We build our practice on strong believe that our extensive experience in Manhattan Development will help us to satisfy all our sophisticated clients.

Obviously, we deal with commercial customers who have strict rules, aggressive regulations, compact schedule and the tight budget. We have to comply with a super compressed schedule in order to remodel entire office within one week or two. Sometimes renovation and remodeling process is ever harder than new construction. Because we have to match existing design, coordinate color scheme with present furniture and accessories, synchronize various areas of the same office in order to achieve esthetic harmony and operational functionality.

The construction process is this case become very accurate and must be precisely executed in the order it was reflected in the architectural drawings, or discussed with clients previously. This requires certain preparation, but most importantly experience and the proper remodeling skills. The design team should have all details specified and ordered in advance.

Decorative remodeling of the typical Manhattan commercial medical or dental office demands the certain understanding of the process, which includes; renovation experience, comprehensive remodeling skills, sophisticated tools and most importantly artistic vision and interior design talents with scenic ornamental sense. At the same time, the “light version” of renovation and remodeling could be done on the same platform but within few days. In this case location coordination, work schedule and construction planning become the biggest challenge, and must be executed in advanced, as well as orchestration of all necessary remodeling sub-contractors.

Our remodeling/renovation construction crew and proficient design team always deliver an amazing product to our busy, but very demanding customers. We complete numerous gorgeous projects in Manhattan; Prosthodontics Office, Eye Sergeant Clinic, Restaurants, Insurance Offices, General Dentistry Offices, Medical Laboratories, Urgent Care Hospital, Fitness Clubs, and many others commercial facilities all over New York Metro Area more. We will always submit our references.